Follow The Tradition

“A Fusion of Cultures: Celebrating Traditional Flora and Landscapes in Collaboration with Sakshi”

Embark on a cultural journey as we proudly present our collaboration with the esteemed Indian designer, Sakshi. The brief was to infuse traditional flower arrangements and landscapes into the mandap and reception, creating a harmonious fusion of aesthetics.

Drawing inspiration from rich Indian traditions, we meticulously crafted floral designs and breathtaking landscapes, capturing the essence of timeless beauty. Experience the enchantment as traditional elements seamlessly intertwine with contemporary elegance, resulting in an event that pays homage to heritage while embracing the present.

Join us in this remarkable celebration where cultures blend, showcasing the splendor of traditional flora and landscapes in a truly mesmerizing setting.

Name: Follow the Tradition

Location: Al Hamra International Exhibition & Conference Center

Type Event: Mandap Ceremony / Indian Wedding